Journal of Knowledge Management

Journal of Knowledge Management is a scientific media which aims to help accelerate the dissemination of scientific information regarding the development of science and research in the field of accounting. Journal of Knowledge Management presents scientific articles built on the basis of research and conceptual frameworks in the development of management as an analytical tool in decision making. Journal of Knowledge Management is published every 6 months (June and December), with ISSN number 2964-5522 (Online). Journal of Knowledge Management is published by the Management Study Program, Faculty of Economics, Garut University.

Vol 17, No 1 (2023): Journal Of Knowledge Management

Table of Contents

Hasbi Shiddiq Fauzan
Mutiara Nur Canti, Wati Susilawati, Irfan Rizki Gumilar
Cecep Selamet, Rohimat Nurhasan, Intan Tenisia Prawitasari
Sifa Rahmania, Rahyuniati Setiawan, Hedi Cupiadi
Adela Amanda Putri, Tinneke Hermina, Fitrin Rawati Suganda