Jurnal Wacana Ekonomi


Jurnal Wacana Ekonomi (ISSN Print: 1412-5897) (ISSN Electronic: 2715-517X) explore and disseminate scientific information or knowledge related to economics as the study of human behavior in choosing and creating wealth. Jurnal Wacana Ekonomi is a scientific communication media in the development and dissemination of science which is the results of research, studies, analysis, and scientific ideas in the fields of economics, accounting, management, and business. This journal operates in the Faculty of Economics Garut University, which is supported by a team of Institute of Research and Community Service.

Jurnal Wacana Ekonomi published three times a year discussing economic issues published with the aim of describing the conceptual form of thoughts or ideas and research results to develop economic scientific studies, openly and with contributions from various disciplines and relevant approaches, as well as describing the scientific analysis that studies the behavior of individuals and communities to make choices, including research articles, literature reviews and other scientific reviews.

Jurnal Wacana Ekonomi focused on the main problems in the development of economic studies, that is:

    1. Management Science Development.

    2. Scientific Accounting Development.

   3. The development of the tourism and hospitality industry in building the economy.

Vol 21, No 2 (2022): Jurnal Wacana Ekonomi

Table of Contents

Abdul Fatah Hassanudin, Cecep Hamzah Pansuri, Wufron Wufron, Ayu Hilda Inaya
Wati Susilawati, Hani Siti Hanifah, Silfani Nur Meilindani
Kurnaeli Kurnaeli, Deri Alan Kurniawan, Ihsan Fathoni
Ela Sulistiana, Muslim Alkautsar, Dida Farida Latipatul Hamdah
Tatang Mulyana, Hedi Cupiadi, Alya Fattima Azzahra
Derri Benarli Nugraha, Winda Ningsih