Fostering Innovation Within Public Sector: Antecedents and Consequences of Public Sector Innovation

Astri Ghina, Danny Permana


Today, innovation management became primary determinant for effective and efficient working in existing organizations. This article provides an overview of the key driven factors toward innovation focusing on innovation management in the public sector, and with the aim to improve the public environment and public performance, we fill the missing link from the existing model of several researchers, which it will described by several literature review. The basic approach in this article is to juxtapose a review of existing literature regarding key driven factors toward innovation in public sector and its consequences. The idea that there is a
missing link variable between leadership, organizational culture, professionalism and innovation that is called commitment. And I find the intrinsic motivation as an output of high organizational commitment.
An integrated approach is needed to support the innovation within the public sector, future research is needed to find the relationship between responsiveness, organizational politics, ethics & morality toward commitment as an antecedent of public innovation. The practical and scientific value of this paper is describes an integrated approach toward public sector innovation.

Kata kunci : Innovation management; Leadership; Organizational culture;
Professionalism; Commitment; Public innovation.

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