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Jurnal Komunikasi Universitas Garut: Hasil Pemikiran dan Penelitian,published twice a year (April and October). This journal focuses on the results of research and thinking that have new values in the field of communication science. The scope of this journal includes topics discussed at:

Business communication is communication used in the business world, including various forms of communication, both verbal and non-verbal to achieve a certain goal.

Cross Cultural Communication, is a form of communication that aims to share information on various cultural and social groups, to study the situation in which people from different cultural backgrounds interact.

Political communication, communication that involves political messages and political actors, or about power, government, and government policies.

Social communication is hinting that communication is important to build self-concept, for survival, self-actualization, to achieve happiness, to avoid pressure and dependence, among others through entertaining communication, and foster relationships with others.

Media Relations is a public relations communication activities to build understanding and good relations with the mass media in order to achieve maximum publicity and impartial organization. Media relations can be described as the company's interaction with editors, reporters and journalists.


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Jurnal Komunikasi Universitas Garut : Hasil Pemikiran dan Penelitian

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Jurnal ini menyediakan akses terbuka yang pada prinsipnya membuat riset tersedia secara gratis untuk publik dan akan mensupport pertukaran pengetahuan global terbesar.


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Jurnal Komunikasi Universitas Garut: Hasil Pemikiran dan Penelitian will not tolerate for any plagiarism. Therefore, Author should check their article through plagiarism checker application. For instance, application or other applications. If an article is indicated as a plagiary, it will be rejected and will not be reviewed.